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Top Ten Arthritis Products

There are over 10 million people who have arthritis or other, similar conditions that affect their joints in the UK. We decided to publish the top 10 hand products you will find useful in your day-to-day activities. These products may also help you to reduce and manage your pain. 

1. Copper Compression Gloves

Belief in copper’s antibacterial properties date back thousands of years. From sterilizing wounds, clean drinking water or for general medicinal properties.


Anecdotal reports of copper being used for its pain it almost comes as no surprise that copper’s inherent advantages are now being applied to the fabric.

Compression garments are used to deliver graduated pressure, improve circulation and provide better support for high impact activities for athletes, or improve blood flow for patients suffering from arthritis.

Copper Compression Gloves 2.PNG

2. Compression Gloves

Some people living with arthritis have found their symptoms lessen when wearing these special gloves.


Enter arthritis gloves, which are tight, often fingerless gloves that purport to improve symptoms. “Thermal gloves warm the hand, which can make you feel very comfortable and even take away some of the pain.”


Compression gloves that provide pressure. “Particularly when you’re having a flare in the fingers and joints and just feeling really uncomfortable, the compression seems to help reduce the swelling and can help with some joint stiffness as well,”.


Compression may also improve blood circulation. Overall, arthritis gloves can make patients feel more relaxed and calm with a reduction in symptoms.

Compression Gloves.PNG

3. Jar Opener

The simplest daily task or household chore is a big deal to someone who has arthritis in their hands or fingers. Arthritis can make unscrewing a jar lid seem like an impossible dream.


Assistive devices, such as jar and bottle openers, can help make up for weak grip and lack of hand strength due to arthritis.

Bottle Can Jar Opener.PNG

4. Shower Dispenser

Installing a shampoo and soap dispenser in your shower a great way to save you a lot of trouble. Apart from eliminating the clutter of having so many bottles of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, and body wash in the shower, it’s also a way to save money by buying bath and shower products in bulk.


Hotels have been using these wall-mounted dispensers for quite some time and they are gaining popularity over the wasteful use of miniature bottles. There are also benefits to uses these pumps in your home shower.

Clear Choice Shower Dispenser.PNG

5. Finger Stretcher

Three-piece set hand grippers, allowing you to gradually increase the difficulty as your strength improves. Helps to increase overall finger strength, these bands are particularly effective at rehabilitating and strengthening weakened fingers, hands, and wrists.


Lightweight, easy to carry, anytime, anywhere finger rehabilitation training.  Exercise also helps you to maintain your range of movement. If you do not move your joints, they can stiffen, and your muscles can waste away.


You can use it while walking, travelling (car, aeroplane, bus), in the office, watching TV or any place them want to exercise.

Finger Stretcher.PNG

6. Food Chopper

This food chopper will enable you to perform a variety of food preparation tasks with ease. Allowing for either a precise control for coarse or fine results.


With a compact and lightweight design making it the perfect size for everyday use designed to circulate food while blending for perfect and consistent results. 


Made from shatter and scratch-proof material.

3 Cup Food Chopper.PNG

7. Wine Opener

Don’t struggle with an Electric Wine Opener will have the cork off in a jiffy, with virtually no effort on your part. Efficient and easy to use, this smart, wine gadget will open up to 80 bottles on a full charge – perfect for dinner parties or wine-tasting sessions.


When the battery has depleted, the handset takes a few hours to fully charge with the base unit plugged in – the green indicator light will flash while it’s charging and then become solid when it’s ready.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener.PNG

8. Stocking Slider

Used to aid the patient and/or carer in putting on tight-fitting open-toe compression stockings and can also be used on the arms.  


The use of this product helps to prevent tearing of the skin and can also provide protection for existing skin lesions. 

Long Handled Shoehorn.PNG

9. Assist Handle

The car door latch grab bar is an automotive safety gizmo that a person grips on, allowing them to sit or stand safely while leaving or entering a vehicle. It is hooked on the car’s latch.


Using this offers support thereby mitigating the chances of falls and injuries.

Assist Handle with Built in LED Flashlig

10. Boiled Egg Peeler

Peels up to 3-5 hard-boiled eggs in under 10 seconds. Frustrated peeling hard-boiled eggs? Quickly and magically remove eggshells from three-five eggs at once in under 10 seconds.


To limit a mess in your kitchen, no mess access to remove eggs. After peeling eggs, use the container to store peeled eggs in the fridge.

Egg Stripper.PNG
We had a lot of fun compiling this list together and we could have created a top 20 list!
You now have the opportunity to rate each product requiring less than a minute of your time.
This will enable our small team to focus our efforts on the most popular products to create our next article. 
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