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Designed for individuals with leg casts. This Leg cast Protector guarantees a watertight seal, providing residents the freedom to shower and bathe without any concerns, all while ensuring the utmost protection for their legs.

Our protector combines comfort and security, allowing residents to maintain optimal hygiene without compromising their well-being. Choose the ultimate solution for your care home – the Leg Cast Protector.


Our product caters for the following needs:


Enjoy Refreshing Showers and Baths, Staying Clean and Fresh

Keep Surgical Sites and Wounds Dry with Our Waterproof Cover

Achieve a Perfect Fit for Your Leg Cast with Our Universal Sizing

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Guarding Against Infections

See how our protector acts as a barrier against infections, crucial for diabetic individuals. Protect your leg health, worry-free.

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Recovery Challenges

Individuals face increased infection risks and delayed healing during limb recovery. Don't let these obstacles hinder your progress.


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"I've used it both in the shower and a shallow bath with my thigh raised out of the water and it kept all the water out. Definitely a good buy a blessing in fact."

Safiya Malik

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