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Why a Shower Helps You After Surgery?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

We know why you are here, to understand the benefits of the ordinary, yet extremely invaluable post-surgery shower. One of our goals while researching this subject, was to finally overcome our fear of having a cold shower. We are almost there... 

Picture of a Shower in a Persons Hand
Therapeutic Simplicity

Fun Fact - Having a shower tends to consume less running water as well as reducing your energy consumption, helping to decrease your energy bills and carbon footprint.

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A man scratching his arm
Needless Scratching

Just imagine if you never catered for your hygienic needs, you would at some point develop an odour, a build-up of dead skin would most certainly result in itchy skin and dandruff would flourish on your scalp. Needless scratching will cause an increased likelihood of breaking your skin and increasing the risk of infection in various parts of your body. 

Coloured Skittles with a the word 'skin care' on dices
Feel Comfortable with Your Skin

Washing will enable you to wash away dead skin cells and bacteria, leaving your skin clean and healthy-looking. You may be aware that frequent use of soaps and shampoos when showering will dry out your skin and hair, leading towards cracked skin and split hair ends. See a 'Fun Fact' at the end of this blog for tips on how to reduce the likelihood of dry skin.

Interesting Showering Benefits

Making You Feel Better - Getting back into the home routine after any form of surgery will require you to adapt to your limited mobility. It is common to feel a degree of stress and a level of frustration. Taking a hot shower has the welcoming effect of calming your nerves which will influence your overall state of mind. Taking a cold shower has the added benefit of increasing the oxygen supply to your brain decreasing your stress levels. 

Treating Your Headaches - The throbbing pain of a headache is some times a thing of life we all have to bear. The opportunity to stop the pain resulting from narrowing of your blood vessels is possible by having a shower. Selecting the right water temperature is something you will master to find the most effective relief from your headache. A great way to help compound the shower's natural effects is to use essential oils and benefit from the therapeutic aroma of the oils, either directly to your body in the form of a shower disk or as a shampoo.

Giving You a Better Sleep - A lack of sleep will impact your immune system which could affect your recovery period after surgery. When you have finished your shower, water evaporates from your skin and induces your circadian rhythm to signal to your body it is time to sleep. Allowing your body to have a good night sleep will result in the right hormones being produced - enabling your body to repair itself.

Improves Your Blood Circulation - Inadequate blood flow is the main reason why wounds do not heal. Your heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout your body, providing nutrients and removing waste from your organs and cells. Alternating between hot and cold water can jump-start your blood circulation. Hot water causes blood to rush outwards to your skin making your arteries and veins open wider. Cold sends it rushing inwards to your internal organs by restricting your arteries and veins.

Opening A Stuffy Nose - If you are suffering from a cough taking a warm shower can provide you with some relief. The steam from the shower will loosen and drying mucus in your throat (natural decongestant) since mucus is a big reason why you will experience persistent coughs. A shower won't make your cold or flu disappear, but it will help towards alleviating the troublesome symptoms. 

Clear Your Mind and Have Shower Thoughts - Any problems you have been mulling over in your subconscious mind can be focused on consciously and you now have the opportunity to let your mind wander and present solutions to your problems. Having a warm flowing shower will increase your dopamine levels (a feel-good hormone) helping to cultivate a relaxed state of mind. When you are in the shower you are forced to disconnect from your smart devices to your TV.

Relieving Your Pain - No need to jump into your medicine cabinet since your shower will provide you with the relief you deserve! A hot shower will help towards relaxing your muscles relieving any muscle tension or knots. Resulting in one of the oldest, cheapest and safest forms of complementary therapy with the added bonus of stimulating your healing process.

Final Thoughts

So there, now you know why you are here! Hopefully, you have learned more than you knew before reading this blog and are looking forward to your next shower. You will now know there are a number of positive gains for having a post-surgery shower to contribute to your road to recovery.

Fun Fact: We understand showering can contribute towards drying out your skin and hair. You can reduce the likelihood of dry skin by:

  • Limiting your showering time

  • Drying your skin gently

  • Applying oil-based moisturising cream

  • Increase bathroom humidity by closing the door

If you found this blog informative or otherwise feel free to leave a comment.

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