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About this item: 


  • 100% WATERPROOF - Remove any fear of your leg cast or bandage getting wet when showering or bathing. 


  • EASE OF USE - A tricky-to-fit leg protector will increase your chance of damaging your plaster cast or dressing. 


  • REUSABILITY - Using a hard plastic hooped leg protector is difficult to use as well as prone to affecting your injury. Our soft elastic neoprene cuff will naturally fit your leg, again and again. 


  • UNIVERSAL SIZE - An ill-fitting leg protector will result in wasted time and missed opportunity to have a refreshing shower or bath. 


  • FREE MICROFIBRE MITT - Covering your leg for a short period of time will of course result in a level of perspiration forming in the leg protector. We provide a microfibre hand mitt to clean the inside and dry outside of the protector.

Waterproof Leg Protector for Cast and Bandage

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Leg Protector for Cast and Bandage with a Hygiene Mitt - Adult Half-Leg Design for Shower or Bath by H2OGuard

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