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Unable to Shower or Bath After Surgery?

Our waterproof leg cover will enable you to shower or bath while keeping your leg completely dry.
Support Your Recovery

After any form of leg surgery, you deserve to have a relaxing shower or bath. Rest assure your leg cast or dressing will be 100% dry.

Waterproof Protection

No need for a bin bag as well as an elastic band, our product is made from 100% durable waterproof material with a rubber band similar to a diving suit.

Double Protection

All protectors are prone to condensation and grime. To keep your protector hygienically clean use the mibro-fibre hand mitt.

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Durable Material - Made from abrasion-resistant, highly water-resistant premium rubber material.
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Universal Size - Leg protector can be used on left and right leg - 30cm x 45cm x 65cm.
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Microfibre Mitt - Cleaning mitt reduces the likelihood of an infection hampering your recovery. 
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Assured Satisfaction - You have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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